Behind The Scenes

Meet the people who make the magic.

The Real Imaginologists

Alexandra O'Toole is a freelance writer, creative director and producer who lives on the Fylde Coast and works across Lancashire. Alexandra’s artistic practice combines print, performance, contemporary art, outreach and education.  

She is particularly interested in creating new work that articulates a sense of place and enables communities to connect with their environment, their local heritage and with each other. 

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Fable Arts develops imaginative, story-led cultural experiences to inspire individuals and communities to develop new ways of seeing and thinking about themselves and the people and places around them.

As an artist-led, socially engaged practice, Fable Arts creates original and unforgettable narrative led projects around mass participation, heritage engagement, literacy development and local distinctiveness.

Participants and audiences are invited to rediscover the childlike excitement and anticipation of exploring the familiar and the unknown and experience a real sense of discovery, adventure and connection.


The development of The Imaginarium has been supported by Arts Council England, Curious Minds, Lancashire County Council and Lytham Schools Foundation Trust.