Festivals & Events

Whimisical fun for everyone.

Immersive Magic

The Imaginarium is currently offered as a visual literacy installation and workshop for festivals and events. In the future, The Imaginarium will also be offered as a stand-alone theatre show.


Centred around Miss Spellbound’s Story Suitcases - a uniquely designed suitcase filled with bottled story fragments set within a clear story structure – children are encouraged to use and interpret the story fragments to create their own characters and stories on the theme of ‘A Tale Of A Quest’ or a theme of your choosing, using writing tools provided.

Within the installation, looped video stimulus featuring the magical character of Miss Spellbound, provides children with background to The Imaginarium story and instruction for self-directed writing activities. Children are invited to send their completed stories to Miss Spellbound, whose travels are powered by tales by posting them in the interactive post box within the installation.

Miss Spellbound’s Suitcase Stories Workshop

Individual Imaginarium inspired creative writing and visual arts workshops for children age 7 – 11 are offered in character development and story creation. Delivered by Miss Spellbound, Imaginologist and Contemporary Story Keeper, children are guided through the story journey to create and perform an original story of their own inspired by The Imaginarium’s uniquely designed stimulus.

Theatre Show

More information to come.

Find Out More

To find out more, or to book The Imaginarium installation and / or Miss Spellbound’s Suitcase Stories workshop for your event, contact Alex O’Toole at alex@fablearts.org.uk or call 07854 951266.